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Hello there! My name is Ellyse, but my nickname growing up was Leesie, (hence the name). I decided to start this shop after I resigned from my job teaching kindergarten to stay at home with my baby boy named Indy. I was having a hard time adjusting from having a career to being a stay at home mom. I needed some sort of creative outlet to keep me busy while he was napping. In the fall of 2017 I decided to start donating books to children in need for every doll purchased. This is something I am very passionate about. Before I had my little boy, I worked in schools where many children came from homes where no books were available for them to read. It was heartbreaking to see them struggling in school and know they didn't have the resources at home that they needed to succeed. I know what I am doing is so small in the big scheme of things. I am just one little mom who likes to make dolls while her baby is napping. Over the years I really hope to grow my little shop into something much more, and the idea of donating books while I do it is the best kind of motivation for me.